piyenji created by ©Hello Velocity 2017
Hey QT <3
Who dis??
It's me! Piyenji
??? Pee Yen what?
(/Pee-En-Jee/) - I am an iOS sticker gallery that showcases small collections of work from artists, animators, and illustrators!
Where do I download?
Right here! 😃
Who are the featured artists right now?
We're featuring 3 artists rn.
@digijing ⬇️ 👀
@JamesOrlando ⬇️ 👀
@HE+HU ⬇️ 👀
Is it free too?
Yeah! But if you are feeling thankful you can hit up these bbs on Venmo →
💵 💰 🤑 ♥️
give them your 2c for their 2c!
Who curates Piyenji?
Piyenji is created and curated by Hello Velocity!
If you would like to pitch a collection concept email us at friend@hellovelocity.com
HALP... i can't figure out how to use stickers?!
haha, I will show you! ⬇️ 👀
click this first:

then you've gotta click this:

and there it is :)

thx <3
BTW, we also sell lenticular prints of these stickers. So drop us an email if you would like to check them out!